my patrician winer caygill palette

my patrician winer caygill palette

Color Alliance Jeunique Sample Palettes


Norma Virgin was the originator of the Color Alliance system and the original CA company, Beauty For All Seasons. "From

Color Alliance ® (CA) Also known as Beauty For All Seasons  - (which no longer exists, actually now it is used in conjunction with Color Me Beautiful/Color Me Direct).

How to find an analyst that does this system:

These fans are actually made by Jeunique, Beauty for You, Color by Dezine.
US$85 + $15 postage

In September 2001 after 50 years in business, Jeunique International Inc (USA) closed it's doors after the death of the founder and president Mr. Mulford J Nobbs, much to the sadness and disappointment of Consultants and Customers worldwide. The company was taken over by Clear Tree International who traded for 10 months and in October 2011 the company closed its doors finally. We have been associated with the company since 1972 and opened Jeunique Pacific Ltd for the International Company in New Zealand, November 1999. Also taking over the management of the Australian Company 2001. We purchased Jeunique Pacific in July 2004 from the International Company and changed the trading name to Beauty for You Ltd.

Keep in mind, these are only samples.  Each analysis gives the subject a personalized fan.  No two are quite alike.

light animated spring

light sunlit spring

light sunlit spring

true animated spring

true chestnut spring

true chromian spring
true chromian spring

true honey toned spring

true spectral spring

true sunlight spring

true topaz spring

true perillian spring

true radiant spring

true vibrant spring

contrasting spectral spring

contrasting chestnut spring

contrasting vital spring

contrasting springs

light garnet summer

light iridescent summer

light exquisite summer

light silver summer

light crystalline summer

true azure summer

true emerald summer

true crystalline summer

true exquisite summer

true garnet summer

true luminant summer

true quartz summer

true silver summer

true luminant summer

true resplendent summer

contrasting azure summer

contrasting luminant summer

contrasting lustrous summer

contrasting opalescent summer

contrasting resplendent summer

light carmine autumn

true mellow autumn

true radiant autumn

true rich autumn

vivid rich autumn

vivid rich autumn

contrasting emeraude autumn

contrasting radiant autumn

contrasting cerillian autumn

contrasting panache autumn

contrasting striking winter
contrasting imperial winter

contrasting solar winter

true exotic winter

true royale winter

contrasting royale winter

contrasting solar winter

contrasting exotic winter

contrasting dynamic winter

vivid sparkling winter


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