Romantic match

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I got this jacket this weekend that is a perfect fan match, it's just hard to photograph.
Romantics: Valentine Red, Ruby, etc.
Sangria, Fuchsia, Maroon, Persian Red,
Azalea, Cyclamen

New url: It may be confusing that this blog was called Contrasting Summer and my recent posts are all Winter. I renamed the blog, but I find it has value to keep the Contrasting Summer stuff up. So go to older posts for that topic.
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I need a haircut


Eye color

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Sorry to bore you with this... I'm not sure why I'm even posting it.

My green eyes cause a lot of people to say that I'm Spring or Autumn and that they are warm.  Here's a test.  These are pics of my eye next to my Caygill palette eye strip "Eucaplytus" and then next to colors categorized by Carla Mathis from her book, The Triumph of Individual Style.

Here I'm showing a cool gray green (cool is symbolized by the Moon symbol), and a couple warm greens (warm symbolized by the Sun).

Here are several more cool gray greens and several greens that are labelled as neutral (the sun and moon symbols together).

So people could see the color as cool, warm or neutral since they are considered quite similar by the artist Carla Mathis.

Here you can see that my eye has yellow/gold deposits over blue eyes that make it appear green.


Here is my eye on the left compared to what I would call a warm green/hazel eye, not the same at all.

You can't tell but my eyes were blue in childhood.

Here you can see my eyes were blue

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane


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