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High Contrast Summer

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Even though I was analyzed in the Color Alliance system, I found another system that has a High Contrast Summer, and that is Donna Fujii.

Fujii's High-Contrast Summer: The High-Contrast Summer woman has the cool- light skintone of a High-Contrast Winter, but her hair color is lighter and softer, ranging from a medium ash brown to a burgundy brown. Also, her overall look is softer than that of a High-Contrast Winter. She does not tan easily. Even though there is a definite softness to her overall look, her palette includes some deeper and more intense colors. Her palette is general cook, with saturated jewel-tone colors. Neutrals such as rosewood, cocoa brown and charcoal blend will with highlights in her brown hair. Other colors which look terrific on her include dusty rose, rose coral, dark teal blue, rugby red, and emerald green.

Neutrals: The Neutrals are colors which go with almost everything and form the foundation for building a wardrobe. The traditional Neutrals are black, navy, grays, browns, camel, taupe, beige, ivory, white and olive green. A contemporary list of neutrals would include copper, mauve, eggplant, mustard, forest green and burgundy. Neutrals are used for jackets, coats, hats, shoes, and other items that must have the versatility of going with several different colors.
Romantic Reds: The Romantic Reds are the softer reds, such as pink, rose, and coral, which project a more friendly and romantic mood. For best effect, your Romantic Reds should coordinate well with the coolness or warmth in your skin tone. This is because your Romantic Reds are closely related to your skin tone colors and any disharmony would be obvious.
Reds: Like the Dramatics, the bright and deep Reds also tend to attract attention to you. They are great for parties, speeches, or just to attract attention. Like the Romantic Reds, your Reds must closely match your skin color in terms of coolness or warmth, because they will flatter or undermine your skin tone.
Dramatics: The Dramatics include the blues, periwinkle blue, blue green, turquoise, teal, green and aquamarine. Dramatics are complementary to the reds of most skin tones in that they lie on the opposite side of the color wheel from the reds. For that reason, they create a certain tension that translates into a high-energy and eye-catching look. So if you plan to wear Dramatic colors, get ready to be the center of attention.
Understateds: Understateds have less color energy than the Dramatics, but more energy than the Neutrals. These colors are restrained and subtle, and project refinement and elegance. Understated colors play a supportive role to your natural coloring. Wear understated colors when you wish to create a more subdued and conservative impression. Examples of Understateds include the soft yellows, blues, greens, and lavender.
Metals: The gold, silver, pewter, copper or bronze found in your metal accessories such as wristband, eyeglass frames, bracelets, etc. are your metals or metallics. Wearing your best metal for your natural coloring and wardrobe can enhance your beauty. Matching your metal acccessories will creae a more harmonious look.

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I just discovered this app on Facebook to create comics, called bitstrips.
So I ask myself why two years of fighting accepting being a 2/4? and why does the adjective Contrasting paired with Summer help so much?  Well, it's a type that doesn't exist anywhere else.  It says more than Cool Summer, because it breaks away from the idea of blending the colors in your whole outfit.  

But I still have questions, so I can't wait for the guide that will come with my fan.

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sadly, this color's not really on my palette

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new scarf

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Past OOTD from EYT

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Soft, Subtle, Blended?

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So, until I hear otherwise, I can wear soft, grayed colors, slightly dusty, just not one color blended throughout the whole outfit.  It is better if I pair a light and dark color, with a bright accent...

So this means that many of my polyvores for Summer or Type 2, which indicate a monochromatic head to toe look, are essentially wrong for Contrasting Summer.
12 Season Cool Summer Palette
Here I show the Type 2 blended look of one tone in an outfit

Segerstrom suggests that Type 2 wear gradations
of the same closely related muted colors
Riter indicates that Summer wears shades of the same color
 When I started doing polyvores on the secondaries, I didn't specify, 
but increasing contrast could be one of the secondary 
design elements that a 4 brings to a dominant 2.
Here are a few systems where the second type isn't indicated to 
have to wear one color throughout the whole outfit.
Donner's Compassionate

Life in Color's Moon

Wright's Dreamlight

These polyvores, would just need a bright accent.

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Feeling Validated

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How To Embrace Shame And Not 

Allow It To Make You Feel Ashamed

Brene' Brown

So you have no idea how validating it is to find your season, or perhaps you do?  If you're here, either I shared this side blog with you or you did a search for contrasting summer, or perhaps summer.  If you came from my other blog, EXPRESSING YOUR TRUTH, you know that I've been trying to figure out if I was a Type 2 or 4 for about two years.  Those are roughly equivalent to Summer and Winter.  I am so close that I couldn't accept one without the other, without feeling invalidated.  The contrasting part allows me to relax into being a Summer.  Also, I am really coming to realize that Type 2 is pretty equivalent to Soft Summer, so if you have more contrast than that, it won't feel right.



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I dyed this top teal today.
Posts on dyeing your clothes to fit your season or type.


Nail Polish Day Dreaming

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First I want to share that this product is great:

manicure I did today 
French Manicure strips

Then, I'm going to check if these colors work when I get my fan:


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