Caygill Patrician Winter Palette

11:29 AM Jane Leu Rekas 0 Comments

by Anne Sagendorph 

My red names are sangria, fuchsia, maroon, Persian red, Azalea and cyclamen.

My eye color is gray eucalyptus, eucalyptus green. 

My skintone is pink porcelain, camellia, pale mauve, gossamer pink, pink dawn and blossom pink. 

My neutrals include blacks,elderberry wine, royal purple, jungle greens, eggplants, slate teal blue, and spruce greens.

My white names are ecru and platinum. 

My blacks are blue black, black black and black velvet.

My dramatics are thalo blue, blue coral, lapis blue, violet blue, electric purple and deep larkspur. 

My pastels, prints and metals. 

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