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My hair is now salt n pepper, and I'm quite enjoying it.

I'm definitely at the salt n pepper stage.  

I first commented about no longer dyeing my hair last August:


Gray Haired Winters: “Winters with 50% or more gray hair but not completely white mark the same as a Winter/Summer, Winters with silver/white hair that need contrast mark the same as a True/Absolute, Winters with silver/white hair that need pure color mark the same as Winter/Spring. The Winter individual with gray hair has opened up a door of color that most could not do before. When it is first graying the hair begins to lighten and may even be a mousy color. You can see if this person was dressed in lighter pastels it would make all of them non contrasting. If in going lighter you go to the icy pastels then the complexion is still flattered. Follow Snowfrost rules. If hair is a lovely silver-white then the look is going to be Absolute or Firelight. You can tell if she needs contrast with black added (put her in absolute), or pure color contrast (assign her Firelight). Follow the directions of the type you see the person to be. “


Most women in my family go salt n pepper. But my maternal grandmother had white hair and I'm hoping eventually to get white hair as well!

My paternal grandmother had black hair, and she went gray.

My maternal grandmother had auburn hair that went gray and then later, white.

My grandmother with great aunt Mary, and below great aunt Marjorie.

My grandmother's white hair.

My mother and I both naturally have hair leaning auburn.

Then I would dye it auburn.

My mother continues to dye her hair.

Last April, I was dyeing my hair black:

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